lorraine pritchard

What is intuitive and what is rational? What is physical reality as opposed to spiritual reality? How do we find a balance between order and spontaneity? Where does the mystery of our own beings meet the tangible and explainable? What can art express that logic cannot?

These are all questions that preoccupy me and inform the making of my art. I have continually worked on a variety of themes. They have included, over many years, the language of space and spatial relationships, written text-like drawings, fields of rhythmic movement, gestural figure drawings expressing a state of being and 3-dimensional assemblages which bring together diverse elements to create a new entity.

Underlying these themes is a search for a visual language that communicates outwardly an inner meaning. I have had wonderful opportunities to work with artists of various disciplines such as projects with musicians, writers and choreographers which have expanded the dialogue of this inner language.

Ultimately art becomes the means to resolve these paradoxes between the physical and the spiritual, order and spontaneity, logic and intuition, and inner meaning and outer tangibility.

Counterpoise  2010
Counterpoise  2010
Strate  2007
Au Diapason  2007
Brush 2007/2002
Language of Space  2005
Field  2005
Written Drawings 2009-2012
Concurrence  2011-2012
Encoded Within  2005-2006
Tokyo  2002
Cadence  2011-2013
Scores  2017
Equilibre  2015